Курильский бобтейл

1 марта 2013
Курильский бобтейл Kuril

Breed Cat Kuril Bobtail Kuril Bobtail — medium-sized muscular cat with triangular head, prominent forehead, full cheeks, broad nose, medium length, large rounded eyes, medium-sized wide-set ears, divorced in хэнд, strong wide body, rather short stout legs, short tail in the form bean, or pompons, fine wool with a dense undercoat. admin Comments: this description of the breed at hello 2000 to introduce a more accurate performance with rock recommends that you read articles: Kuril Bobtail — Kurilsk WONDER , Julia UtkinFeatures Bobtail breed , Kulik VV

Preliminary Standard WAS Drafted in 1992, and in 1994 was recognized as an official standard SFF and FAR for this breed. Today Kuril Bobtail recognized WCF.

The priority of the CFF. Kuril Bobtail — naturally formed Rock cats Kuril Islands, the Powerful WHERE cat from Siberia to the merged Brought in by the Japanese Bobtail. Korotkohvostosti Gene is Identical to the Japanese Bobtail. In 1991, T. Bocharova (kennel Renaissance) from the islands of Iturup and Kunashir Were Taken a few animals, Gave rise to the Official breed.

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