Гавана браун

9 августа 2013
Гавана браун Brown

Breed Cat Havana Brown Havana Brown — medium-sized muscular cat with a wedge-shaped head, the distinctive rounded snout, prominent whisker breaks and a stop at eye level, that creates a profile characteristic impression of a square, with green oval not big eyes, big ears, slightly tilted forward, not long muscular body on a high hocked dry limbs, thin medium length tail, and a rich thick reddish-brown fur. Today, Havana Brown recognized by virtually all organizations, except GCCF, WCF and FIFe. Priority CFA.

The origin of the Havana Brown is closely connected with Siamese cats. It is believed That the First Havana Brown Came to England with the Import of Siam, Considered One of the colors, and described AS Were Completely brown Siamese with greenish-Blue eyes, But in the early 1920′s in connection with the standardization of Siam, this color was excluded from breeding, and England Havana became known as brown Oriental. In 50 years of several animals from breeders, Havana Brown fans got to America, where breeders are even more segregated this species from modern Siamese and Oriental, registering it in the CFA in 1964.

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